An interactive karaoke style game, Sing Party premiered in January of 2013. The game is similar to other Nintendo karaoke games in a number of ways. Perhaps the most prominent characteristic is the fact that it comes with the karaoke microphone, prominent in the WII U Nintendo. However, the microphone does not come automatically with the purchase of the sing party games rather it is bought independently however; other microphones that were previously bought for the Nintendo WII are compatible with the sing party game.

Developed by FreeStyleGames, Sing Party is a party and music video game for Nintendo WII U.

The game is very interactive unlike other karaoke games. To begin with it allows multiple players to sing along as another person plays as the lead singer. With the sing party, players earn scores by singing along to the lyrics of songs based on their rhythm. Sing party includes three modes: team mode, party mode and sing mode. The ingenuity of the Sing Party is the fact that the lead singer does not have to read the lyrics from the television screen but from the WII U game pad. This gives the game a real life experience as they can face the audience and dance along to the music. The other player can act as the backup dancers and dancing along the moves. This is in the party mode.

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Other modes such as the sing mode, the TV records the scores of the players as players can sing by themselves or even as duets. Lastly, the team mode allows the players to be divided in groups allowing the players to compete and alternate culminating in the best team winning. There are a number of songs that are available from the onset in the game. Furthermore, there is an option to connect with the Nintendo Network whereby in future songs can be added into the game.


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That seems to be the driving force behind SiNG Party, a game so light and fluffy that it wafts through the air like the smell of cotton candy. It just kind of exists in a mildly pleasing way, a light nosh of pop culture shenanigans that

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