Wii U – Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge

Having being declared by its predecessors as an inferior entrant in the field of combat games, the original Nintendo Ninja Garden was not received with much enthusiasm. A far cry from the original, the Ninja Garden 3, Razor’s Edge, was at that time published by Tecmo Koei for WII U, and developing was made by Team Ninja with the notable exit of the series director Tomonobu Itagaki. Largely seen to be a remarkable improvement from the previous version Ninja Garden II, the razor’s edge cuts most of what was featured in the original game. Prominently absent is the removal of the scene where one could easily murder an unarmed opponent. In addition, the scenes where there was minimal interaction with the player whereby for example pulling off the trademark moves of Ryu Hyayabusa with a one or two button move is now a thing of the past.

The game offers new game play features though the pattern of game is very similar and the violence has finally hit its apogee. Indeed, the blood spatters and the addition of dismemberment and decapitation scenes add a new level of brutality to the game that was previously not there. Furthermore, the tweaks in the game add a great physical impact with even the difficulty level being amped up to meet the games highly brutal reputation.

The “steel on bone” is an excellent new cinematic feature that allows the players to do some cutting through the body when a slow motion sequence. With enemies experiencing a great deal of pain before they die and their ability to speak while playing are among some excellent additions to the game which add to the overall game play experience. Other additions like those slide maneuver that do replace the reverse the wind. The plot sets off the Ryu by getting a visit from the ministry if Defense of Japan. Accompanied by Mizuki, they undertake journeys that see them fighting in London, Ryu getting cursed the grip of murder. The game promises a lot for the seasoned enthusiasts.

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