Wii Fit U

Wii is always trying to come up with new an improved game devices that aren’t just fun to use but are also highly beneficial to the user. One of the latest Wii systems is the Wii Fit U which basically allows for people to enjoy a nice workout without actually feeling like they are exercising. For some people, when they know they’re working out, they easily get bored and tired. This device basically is the perfect workout tool for families looking to be healthy, as it comes with an array of superior features.

Description Of Wii Fit U

Just like the past workout products from Wii, the Wii Fit U really focuses on the engagement of the player doing physical activities such as strength training and yoga through simply using the amazing Wii Balance Board that can be purchased. It is a platform peripheral where the player simply stands on it during the duration of them playing on it. The device will measure both the player’s physical weight and their center of balance. The Wii Fit U has introduced activities which incorporate Wii U GamePad to their gameplay, plus activities which were featured in previous games. The Existing Wii Fit owners have transferred all the saved data and will even record it to Wii Fit U.


Wii Fit U was designed for people play with even without the usage of a tv screen. The user could either choose to view the action entirely on through Wii U GamePad. Plus all the copies of your Wii Fit U will be bundled with the pedometer, which is called known as the Fit Meter. It will then be carried while you’re jogging or moving throughout the day. Once the Fit Meter has been placed next to the Wii U GamePad, the data will then be automatically uploaded to the Infrared and instantly saved to your Wii U.

Wii U – Wii Fit U E3 Trailer

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Wii Fit U – Extended Gameplay Trailer – E3 2012

Lots of new ways to work out with your Wii U are shown off in this extended look at the game.

Wii U – Wii Fit U Game Guide w/Jessie

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Wii U – Lego City Undercover

The LEGO game developer – TT Games have invested more on video and comic to add more splendor to their brick-based action adventure games. The upcoming Lego City Undercover is no longer your average piece of game; it now offers more entertaining results for the Nintendo Wii U console. Whereas the predecessor versions focused more on high-end action, the new version is strengthened by its redefined high quality characters and the environment itself.

Lego City Undercover: The Long Awaited Wii U Game

Taking the role of detective Chase McCain, the game takes you to a whole new level of ensuring peace prevails in the city by mopping out the criminal in a more civilized manner. The game is more than the likes of Grand Theft Auto with less gun-play and more of handcuffs. The most terrific scenes occur when the detective gets numerous distinct abilities while undercover. For instance, when dressed like a robber he aids in break-ins and later wind up in police gear at the crooks surprise. In his disguised character, you will find it easy and enjoyable to explore the city and track down villains in their best criminal acts.

lego city
Nintendo Wii fanatics are eagerly awaiting end of March to get a grip of the exceptional functions of the Wii U Gamepad that makes the game a breeze. It enhances maneuverability by giving you maps, mission advice, transmissions, and it can also act as an audio scanner to listen to what nearby criminals are planning next. That’s not all; you have the full backing of the public and they will gladly give their vehicles and appreciate public structures being smashed up in the name of fighting crime. The truth remains that Lego City Undercover is anticipated to be the favorite open-world game for the family. In addition, the side missions, multiple features to unlock, collectibles and much more will keep you occupied in the modeled city structure that reminisce building structures in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Wii U – Nintendo Land, Feel The Power Of Wii U

Nintendo Land is a video game by Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development which is published by Nintendo specifically for the Wii U.

This game is a set around a theme or carnival atmosphere with its main purpose being demonstrating the functionality of Wii U along with Wii U gamepad. It is basically the same concept that Wii sports showed the functionality of Wii and the Wii Remote.

nintendo land on wii u controller

Nintendo Land Wii U – Part 1 – Captain Falcon’s Twister Race & Zelda Battle Quest

This is my 1080p HD playthrough with live commentary of Nintendo Land for the Nintendo Wii U! In this video we try out the game for the first time and do Captain Falcon’s Twister Race and Zelda Battle Quest! Make sure to leave a “LIKE” and a comment …

Nintendo is looking to deliver the same unmitigated sensation Wii sports achieved and hence has delivered a minigame collection. This shows off various systems’ core functionalities answering the question whether it is a quality release as a standalone. Most minigame collections employ a menu screen to allow the player select the particular game they want but Nintendo Land also offers an elaborate gateway that is in form of a plaza. Each gate represents a particular attraction and a tower where a player can play pachinko game with coins earned from playing the minigames.

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This game has 12 total attractions which are divided into three types i.e. team attractions, competitive attractions and solo attractions. Team attractions involve minigames in which players have to cooperate in a number of ways although one can play alone too i.e. Metroid Blast, Legend Of Zelda and Pikmin Adventure. They are the largest and expansive attractions in the game with up to 5 multiplayers.

Competitive attractions involve minigames in which a single player holding the gamepad purses or is pursued by other players. These games have at least 2 players and a max of 5 such as Mario chase, Animal Crossing and Luigi’s Ghost Mansion. Solo attractions involve minigames that only a single player can play i.e. Yoshi’s Fruit cart, Octopus Dance, Donkey Kong’s Crash Course.

The gaming community has received Nintendo Land very well with it ranking an average rating of 4.5 stars on GameXplain. It has been referred to as the best multiplayer game Nintendo has released yet.


Review: Nintendo Land – Destructoid


The Wii U GamePad is a lot more versatile than it looks. Some potential consumers have not been quite as inspired by the system as they were by the immediate uniqueness of the Wii and its remote …