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Pikmin 3 is a real-time strategy game currently being developed specifically for Wii u game console. It is a direct sequel to Pikmin 2 developed for Nintendo GameCube in 2004 and is third in Pikmin video game series. Everyone expected this game to be released among Wii U’s titles but was delayed to 2013 for unknown reasons.

Pikmin 3 review, What To Expect

Pikmin 3 gameplay builds on the last pikmin titles wher a player directs hordes of up to a hundred plant-like creatures known as Pikmin. These creatures can accomplish a number of tasks such as destroying barriers, defeating enemies and building bridges if directed appropriately.Each type of Pikmin has special abilities or shields to protect them from hazards, the previous installs had 3 types of piknmin i.e. red, blue and yellow pikmin, this new release will provide additional pikmin types i.e. Pink pikmin that can fly spotted on start screen of developer demo, rock pikmin that smash tough barriers.

pikmin 3 wii u

This install varies from Pikmin 2 in that a player has the ability to control 4 different leaders at once instead of 2 pikmin leaders. The protagonist/ main character of past titles, captain Olimar is not playable, no one knows why this isn’t the case. A Player will discover a new world full of strange creatures and is required to take command of ant-like pikmins trying to survive. This world is filled with treasures and foes making the game action focused. Pikmin 3 offers 2 control mechanisms i.e. Wii remote or the Wii U gamepad. In all cases a player can view a map of the game environment visible via the touch screen.

A trailer of the new Pikmin 3 was shown on Nintendo’s press conference on June 2012 with the developers promising better HD graphics and special screen-based controllers that would work best with the Wii U hence the sudden change from Wii.

Watch pikmin 3 game trailer via the link below;

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