Wii U – New Super Mario Bros. U Review

Every new game must have an edge over its predecessors for it to be captivating compared to earlier versions.

Well, every new release of Mario game series provides a jaw-dropping innovation and the new super Mario Bros. U is no exception. This is a side-scrolling video game among the Super Mario installs developed by Nintendo specifically for Wii U. This game incorporates all the best moments from other Mario games making it the most enjoyable install ever.

mario bros. u - wii u review

The super Mario Bros. U is much like other Super Mario Bros titles sharing aspects such as multiplayer action, unlocking different levels, mini-boss castles and flying ships. It is however good to see that Mario has catch up with technology hence introduction of a high-definition game. This game has impressive visuals accompanied by gorgeous 2.5D (near-three-dimensionality) backgrounds compared to the previous titles.

Another impressive feature that this install brings to the table is the gamepad’s capability to bring another ‘builder’ player who has powers to control up to 4 floating boxes that can either be used to assault or aid other Wii mate players.

Mario Bros. U has added extra platforms such as Boost Mode which lets the gamepad Wii player mess with enemies and can unlock a feature that allows them to vanquish an enemy with just a flick of the stylus.

The game has widely received positive reviews from players and critics such as GamesMaster which said that the game is a good excuse for families to gather around the TV, IGN and Joystiq. Many players have praised the difficulty level of this game which is a major challenge compared to some installs where a player could complete the levels without ‘dying’. Although the New super Mario Bros. U is not a ground breaking release, it is beautifully presented in HD, block building is more fun while using a touchscreen and the multiplayer action is addictive and frantic at the same time.

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