Overview About Zelda Wii U

Zelda is one of the best games that will be released on the Nintendo Wii U. Many people are still waiting for this game because there areimages many great features offered by this game. According to the official site of the Nintendo, this game is going to be released around Holiday 2014. It is still under the development process to make this game perfect for everyone. In this article, there are some features that will be offered by the Zelda Wii U. These features are important to make people enjoy playing this game.

1. Allow players to bring different skills and weapons

In the traditional Zelda game, the players need to choose and pick the right equipment to balance their characters to fight against any challenges. In this Zelda Wii U, there are also more weapons and shields offered for all characters in this game. That is the reason why you will love playing this game. You are able to use many different weapons and shields with different features. The choice for using those weapons and shields is almost limitless.  [Read more...]

Wii U Launch Titles

assassins_creed_3-HDThe Wii U is Nintendo’s newest home video game console, and successor to their previous game system, the Wii. The system works a bit differently than the Wii. The console uses a digital tablet-like device instead of the traditional wireless controller, which offers a different perspective and play style than other traditional consoles. The system was released with 23 launch games, but not all of them are worth your time and money.

Assassins Creed 3 – As with many of the Wii U launch games, Assassins Creed 3 for the Wii U is a reworked version of an already released game that has been revamped around the Wii Us unique control interface. The latest edition to the Assassins Creed franchise, this time taking place during the American Civil War. You’ll play as an Assassin in training working to uncover a plot hundreds of years in the making, and that’s just where the story begins. The game plays just as well as it does on other current generation consoles and the graphics look just as polished. Definitely worth trying if you haven’t experienced the series before. [Read more...]

Wii party why it is popular

Wii-Party-006All you have come across with several interactive games over the internet then Wii party why is it popular. This is a common question that arises in every ones mind? Wii party is one such popular fun activity game that can be played by all the members of the family. Wii party is a party video game developed and published by Nintendo. The game is so designed that it features 13 unique modes of games classified into 3 categories. Party games, pair games and house party games. Though there are numerous games that can be played with a single player but Wii party is ideal for multiple players as it adds life to your family night game or any other party. The length of the game varies from game to game. Some games take less than five minutes to complete whereas others take hours to finish. All the games of Wii party are family friendly and challenging and expertise is not required to play it.

Wii party is a great way to entertain your family members in family parties as well as staff in official parties. The games are designed to encourage team spirit and interact without spending much amount on entertainment. Whatever may be your age, you can have lots of fun when playing this set of games. Will party is a mini game requires at least four players and a Wii remote for each of them to start up. It is designed especially for multiple player and you can’t experience it if you really do not have friends. The game is very easy to play and a good family style game that is enjoyable for all ages. Wii U is an extended series to Wii party.
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Description of Wii Fit U

imagesWii is always trying to come up with new an improved game devices that aren’t just fun to use but are also highly beneficial to the user. One of the latest Wii systems is the Wii Fit U which basically allows for people to enjoy a nice workout without actually feeling like they are exercising. For some people, when they know they’re working out, they easily get bored and tired. This device basically is the perfect workout tool for families looking to be healthy, as it comes with an array of superior features.

Description Of Wii Fit U

Just like the past workout products from Wii, the Wii Fit U really focuses on the engagement of the player doing physical activities such as strength training and yoga through simply using the amazing Wii Balance Board that can be purchased. It is a platform peripheral where the player simply stands on it during the duration of them playing on it. The device will measure both the player’s physical weight and their center of balance. The Wii Fit U has introduced activities which incorporate Wii U GamePad to their gameplay, plus activities which were featured in previous games. The Existing Wii Fit owners have transferred all the saved data and will even record it to Wii Fit U. [Read more...]