Overview About Zelda Wii U

Zelda is one of the best games that will be released on the Nintendo Wii U. Many people are still waiting for this game because there areimages many great features offered by this game. According to the official site of the Nintendo, this game is going to be released around Holiday 2014. It is still under the development process to make this game perfect for everyone. In this article, there are some features that will be offered by the Zelda Wii U. These features are important to make people enjoy playing this game.

1. Allow players to bring different skills and weapons

In the traditional Zelda game, the players need to choose and pick the right equipment to balance their characters to fight against any challenges. In this Zelda Wii U, there are also more weapons and shields offered for all characters in this game. That is the reason why you will love playing this game. You are able to use many different weapons and shields with different features. The choice for using those weapons and shields is almost limitless.  [Read more...]

Wii U Launch Titles

assassins_creed_3-HDThe Wii U is Nintendo’s newest home video game console, and successor to their previous game system, the Wii. The system works a bit differently than the Wii. The console uses a digital tablet-like device instead of the traditional wireless controller, which offers a different perspective and play style than other traditional consoles. The system was released with 23 launch games, but not all of them are worth your time and money.

Assassins Creed 3 – As with many of the Wii U launch games, Assassins Creed 3 for the Wii U is a reworked version of an already released game that has been revamped around the Wii Us unique control interface. The latest edition to the Assassins Creed franchise, this time taking place during the American Civil War. You’ll play as an Assassin in training working to uncover a plot hundreds of years in the making, and that’s just where the story begins. The game plays just as well as it does on other current generation consoles and the graphics look just as polished. Definitely worth trying if you haven’t experienced the series before. [Read more...]

Wii U Deluxe – What Is Better

wiiu_hardware_011Now that Wii U has ultimately been released there’s now a clue on top Wii U games for youngsters. Nintendo-Land has taken the lead spot as this game is given away with the luxury Wii U console but for a good reason it truly is a superb game. This game demonstrates how to utilize the features of the new system and show the user how to utilise the system’s soft and hardware.
However in the Nintendo-Land video game you’re shown round the Nintendo-Land technique and brought to the tablet’s controls along with the little video games which are accessible to you. The mini games include the tops like Link, Mario and Yoshi,so ensure you try out the puzzle games, they’re a good deal of fun but hard.
The New Super Mario Brothers . U is an incredibly well-liked game with everybody, this can be a Nintendo classic video game and today using the High definition inside the Wii U Deluxe game pad, the visuals are extremely pragmatic and also make the video games rather more appealing. The return of the over world really brings back the huge sense of exploration, alternate routes, and concealed strategies. While featuring the typical levels, fortresses, castles, and spook homes, the map also has new manager fights not tied to any particular level, ranging enemies, and special items obtainable only by map. [Read more...]

Some Common Criticisms Levelled At The Wii U, How Valid Are They?

Nintendo-Land-Wii-U-Nintendo-Direct-The-Legend-of-Zelda-Battle-Quest-ControllersNot being able to take criticism well is one of the hallmarks of a narcissist, and Nintendo has its fair share of critics. Even the best of us have to take the time to listen to our detractors and take on-board constructive criticism. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the well-known Wii U controversy and criticism.

We’ll examine the merit of each claim, that ranges from the entirely valid to the ridiculous.

-Wii U controversy and criticism: [Read more...]