Technical Requirements with the New Wii U Specs Game System

On Sep thirteen, Nintendo released info about Wii U Specs. In their promotional release, Nintendo states the new system will have two GB of RAM. One GB of RAM will be utilized for games and one GB of RAM will be utilized for the console’s system software. To put that into perspective, both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 have just 512 MB of RAM.
There will be 2 variations of Wii U Specs games computer, one with eight GB of internal storage and a luxury version with 32 GB of internal storage. Wii U Specs also provides capacity for extending storage space utilizing external USB drives or SD cards.
The GPU and CPU :
The Central processing unit with the new Wii is created by IBM that has considering the processor the codename of “Expresso.” The Processor is called a power design structured, multicore CPU. The (graphics processing unit)GPU is usually an AMD Radeon-based Hi-def GPU. When talking of drive storage, the video games for your Wii U Specs system may come on exclusive optical disks, able to keeping up to twenty-five GB of info. This is analogous to what you will discover on Blu-ray disks and also the games console can simply support hi-def visuals entirely 1080p High definition. [Read more...]

WiiWii Long Term Prospects

SEGA executive Scott Steinberg has been flapping his gums about the long-term prospects of the Nintendo Wii. In a direct response to those comments, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter reasons that, while concerns about the hardware had merit, it was entirely possible that Nintendo could release a new and improved model of the Wii within the next few years.

“It’s easy to envision a Wii 2 in a couple of years that runs at full HD, and has both a Wii-mote and an analog controller, so that all games can be ported to it. If Nintendo were to introduce such a device, it would be fully comparable to the Xbox 360 – perhaps it wouldn’t have Blu-ray, so a comparison to the PS3 may be unfair – and would likely have most of the same third party content as the other two devices.”

This Pachter fellow has been known to make outlandish predictions in the past, but on this score he’s very probably right. Nintendo already has a track history of releasing upgraded versions of their hardware within 12 months of the initial launch period. Unfortunately, Pachter agrees with Steinberg that the PS3 will still come out on top… but what do they know?

Via GamesIndustry