WiiWii.tv is an encapsulated universe devoted to the Wii. Acting as a time capsule of sorts for the original Wii and its fantastic ride of popularity spanning demographics never before so entranced by gaming and game-types that never truly existed before the innovations of this console.

As the Wii U starts to spread out and we can see the original Wii’s long and amazing lifespan more in the past (we can judge through the rear view of time whether predictions played out and who the winners and losers were!), the site offers

By preserving the blog-format tied to dates you can browse through an – admittedly not complete but hopefully still enjoyable and interesting – record of news and previews of what were not so long ago previews to the hottest games about to be launched, news about the latest accessories.

The Wii is still one of the most popular – perhaps THE most popular numbers wise, gaming platform ever and i will attempt to continue the tradition of including new previews and news briefs as the transition to the Wii U continues and history determines whether it too will continue to hold and capture gamers attentions from all ages, genders and lifestyles.

Enjoy the site and get in touch if you have questions or concerns regarding the site, request content be taken down or added, etc. you may contact us through our contact page or at adam [at] wiiwii.tv

Adam Scott

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