Overview About Zelda Wii U

Zelda is one of the best games that will be released on the Nintendo Wii U. Many people are still waiting for this game because there areimages many great features offered by this game. According to the official site of the Nintendo, this game is going to be released around Holiday 2014. It is still under the development process to make this game perfect for everyone. In this article, there are some features that will be offered by the Zelda Wii U. These features are important to make people enjoy playing this game.

1. Allow players to bring different skills and weapons

In the traditional Zelda game, the players need to choose and pick the right equipment to balance their characters to fight against any challenges. In this Zelda Wii U, there are also more weapons and shields offered for all characters in this game. That is the reason why you will love playing this game. You are able to use many different weapons and shields with different features. The choice for using those weapons and shields is almost limitless.  [Read more...]

Technical Requirements with the New Wii U Specs Game System

On Sep thirteen, Nintendo released info about Wii U Specs. In their promotional release, Nintendo states the new system will have two GB of RAM. One GB of RAM will be utilized for games and one GB of RAM will be utilized for the console’s system software. To put that into perspective, both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 have just 512 MB of RAM.
There will be 2 variations of Wii U Specs games computer, one with eight GB of internal storage and a luxury version with 32 GB of internal storage. Wii U Specs also provides capacity for extending storage space utilizing external USB drives or SD cards.
The GPU and CPU :
The Central processing unit with the new Wii is created by IBM that has considering the processor the codename of “Expresso.” The Processor is called a power design structured, multicore CPU. The (graphics processing unit)GPU is usually an AMD Radeon-based Hi-def GPU. When talking of drive storage, the video games for your Wii U Specs system may come on exclusive optical disks, able to keeping up to twenty-five GB of info. This is analogous to what you will discover on Blu-ray disks and also the games console can simply support hi-def visuals entirely 1080p High definition. [Read more...]

Nintendo Wii U review

Let’s start this Wii U review, by stating right off the bat that this console is a big improvement on Nintendo’s previous efforts. But still manages to not lose any of the magic and innovation that the original Wii and DS had, and what made them both a huge seller worldwide.

Again, Nintendo have gone for innovation over raw power, focusing on changing people’s gaming habits and producing something new, rather than producing just another update of existing technology. In the past this has paid off for them, and led to a resurgence in the brand, will this console carry on the trend?

The answer is a resounding “yes”. Because yet again Nintendo have produced something which will change the way we play our games. Though the console is likely to be easily eclipsed in graphical prowess when the new Playstation and Xbox hit the stores, it manages to carve out it’s own niche with people who want something totally new, and unlike any other console ever produced. [Read more...]

Wii U Prices and Bundles

939523-nintendo-wii-uThe Nintendo Wii is a very popular console device for individuals. It can provides a great gaming experience and is a popular item to have in the household. The Nintendo Wii U is a highly specialized product with great graphics, and is the newest of the Nintendo products for sale. It was formally introduced to the public on February 17 of this year, but could be purchased earlier. One of the things that makes this item so special is its increased sophistication. It has really outstanding visual images. It also allows the user to easily save games. It has an internal RAM and a 8 GB hard drive. It comes with a precise and exciting game pad. This unit can support a variety of gaming styles, and is deluxe and inviting for both hard core and family gamers. It also features a 6.2 inch gaming screen for easy viewing and fighting epic battles. The game controller can even be moved and shaken for great control.

The other great thing about the Wii U is that it comes with the addition of Wii TV. It allows the uses to find, use watch and engage with TV. You can watch streaming content from Netflix and hulu. Users also have th opportunity to personalize their entertainment.This is one special unit designed for serious gamers although the unit can be quite easy to use for others as well. [Read more...]